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Apparently lots of people need Home Plan Interiors. For one thing, we have thousands of happy customers. While most appear to use the program only occasionally, as in designing their home or an addition to it, a surprising number of people use it every day.

Many users appear to be interior decorators, realestate and rental agents, They typically find Home Plan Interiors very convenient for making quick but accurate sketches that make their task easier.

And there are others, Folks with ideas and dreams.

Who doesn't want to improve their home? Move the furniture, replace the couch. New kitchen cabinets. There's no end to our nest-feathering desires.

Clearly usage is varied. Undoubtedly more varied than suggested above, for most of our customers have no reason to share such information.

Still, our estimate is that most customers use it to improve their homes. They may work the plans out in detail and hand printed copy to their decorator. Or just rough things out and do their own detailed work.

However you plan to use Home Plan Interiors, we are confident you will find the performance is excellent. And many will repeat this discovery every day.

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