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Home Plan Interiors is in beta test!

You can download it and try it now. After the thirty day trial, you can get a free registration by emailing your bug reports and suggestions to: .
This program is being developed for users who want to decorate/design. We want suggestions for features that work towards that goal as well as reports and comments on how current features can be improved.
We realize that not everybody wants to be a tester. You can purchase Home Plan Interiors normally and keep getting all updated versions.

Low cost CAD software applied to interior design.
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Buying new furniture? Rearranging the old? Do you want to knock out a wall and put in a new bathroom?
Whatever your decorating needs, Home Plan Interiors is your best software choice.

  • It is so easy to learn how to use, you can begin drawing plans within minutes.

  • Since it is easy to use, you save tons of time.

  • On-line help answers your questions in seconds.

Use the fully functional evaluation copy FREE for thirty days. Keep it for only $39. Download your personal copy now!

Living Room Layout

One of many room layouts made with Home Plan Interiors         Click for full size image

All the drawing power you will ever need.
  • You can use the mouse, the keyboard, or a combination of both to build the plan.

  • A full array of graphic drawing tools is provided, all you will ever need.

  • A host of pre-drawn figures are included to represent furniture, fixtures, windows, doors and so forth. Just click and position the one you need.

  • Save elements you have drawn for later use, even in other plans.

  • Complete instructions are provided at every step; you simply can't go wrong.


And There's More!

  • A host of printing options are available. For example, a specific scale can be selected. Or your plan can be automatically fitted to the largest paper size available.

  • With the built-in fax driver, you can fax your plans anywhere in the world.

  • Free updates can be automatically downloaded and installed with a click on a button; you will always have the latest enhancements at your finger tips.

You will have a lot of fun with this exceptional program. But don't take our word for it. Download it now and see for yourself!


Most CAD software is quite expensive.

  • At $39, Home Plan Interiors is inexpensive.

With most CAD software, the learning curve is steep.

  • Learning to use Home Plan Interiors is a snap.

Most CAD software is hard to use.

  • Even difficult tasks take little time in Home Plan Interiors.

Download your copy now and see for yourself!

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